Our surface operations, through dedicated and containerized vehicles cover most parts of India. Our adherence to strict schedules of vehicle movement, extensive and strategic routings offer you an option to book your shipments through surface mode.

Salient Features of Raising's Multi Modal Cargo Management:

  • Time commitment
  • Multilocational branches and hub
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Personalized assistance in documentation
  • Transit security
  • Risk coverage

Time commitment

Time-Based Services provide complete delivery control for

  • Installation crews & material scheduling
  • Manpower or multiple shift control
  • Just-in-time inventory replenishmen
  • Regularly schedule freight moves
  • Receiving dock restrictions

Multilocational branches and hub

The wide range of hubs and branches throughout the country are the strength of our distribution network.

Vehicle Tracking System

This system provides updates on vehical location, speed, mapping directions, security etc. -right on to fleet manager's desktop.

Personalized assistance in documentation

Convenience of the customers is taken care of, by the finalization of the documents etc. and by saving the client from complex administrative procedures.

Transit security

  • Alarm Systems and Alerts:Secures the contents of trailers/fleets - right from source to destination. Local alarm systems serve so as theft deterrent by sending tamper detection alerts. An attempt to tamper the doors of trailers result in the system sending an alarm to a pager carried by the drivers.
  • Alerts in Yards:When alarm systems are attached to trailers/containers, they protect the loaded goods parked in yards

Risk coverage

Comprehensive risk management, DOT inspection, maintenance and safety programs ensure regulatory compliance and reduce your risk exposure. Pro-active identification of cargo risk, pre-emptive or preventive action and, should the worst happen, a structured and practical programme for recovery from a crisis situation with the minimum of detrimental effect to business, staff and company assets. This approach provides benefits from both an operational viewpoint and from one of controlling the cost of insurance cover.